MATLAB 2017b Installation

MATLAB 2017b

Installing MATLAB 2017b

Here are some helpful notes on installing MATLAB 2017b, based on my own experience and issues.

Associate your License and Download MATLAB

If you are at a university, like me, you will likely have a license key that you are able to use to download and install MATLAB. After copying this 25 character code, log into or create a Mathworks account.

Then go to the License Center and paste your license code. After this a download link for the different versions of MATLAB will appear; however, before downloading, disable your real-time protection security. I have Windows Defender, so I had to disable the real-time protection, save, then download.

If you don’t do this your files may not download correctly and you will get an error stating Zip damaged ... Bad CRC 5095867a (should be 5b6408b2). Possible cause: file transfer error.


Most of the install is fairly automated, but you do need to log into your Mathworks account to associate the license you created in your Mathworks account. After selecting the license, you will be able to choose its installation directory, and the toolboxes you would like to have installed.

I usually prefer to install all of the toolboxes I can, because often I end up using functionality from those toolboxes in a way I might not have thought about while initially installing MATLAB.

After this you will have a long wait. The program is very large so get working on something else and come back in an hour or so, follow the prompts and you should be up and running.

For more information and pictures of the installation prompts see this link here.